New Website!!! Go look it up

Ok, so we have a new website, for our new team name. We are no longer known as Operation Airsoft, we are now GALAXY Airsoft. Our team has gotten a whole bunch of new stuff, so wait for reviews, unboxings, etc. The link for our new site is … from there, you can find our new youtube, twitter, facebook, etc. THANKS FOR ALL THE VIEWS!

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Quick Announcement

Ok so just a quick announcement, I (Luis) will be going down to Airsoft Battlegrounds in Rocklin, California on Sunday 17th. I will be wearing the normal mask I wear, the sweatshirt/ jacket that I always wear on videos (or maybe my other jacket) and some blue jeans. Jake is trying to get permission to go also, but he needs some $$$. If any of you live in the Sacramento or San Fransisco Area and want to come, but don’t know where it is or what it is about, just click HERE or where I said Airsoft Battlegrounds before.

~Luis a.k.a. Ghost

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Spring Break :)

As many of you know, Spring Break is just days away, and here at Operation Airsoft, we treat Spring Break like a party. Wars, posts, videos, blah going on ALL THE TIME! We are planning on doing these stuff:

1) Go to Airsoft BattleGrounds (located in Rocklin, California) on Tuesday for Tactical Tuesday or Wednesday for Pizza Pistol & Shotgun Wednesday (This is not positive. We still need a ride down to Rocklin. Carpool anyone?)

2) Go to Airsoft BattleGrounds on Sunday the 17th, 1 day before we go back to school. This is a positive (well at least for me).

3) Wars every day (or at least every other day).

4) Work D:< (for the $$$)

5) SLEEP OVER ZOMBIES CAMPING PARTY! see more details down there

For the sleep over zombies camping party, it is mainly a huge party  combined with our gametype, Zombies and the add on Camp. Heres what we do:

Mainly, we bring tents, chips, soda, candy, and some other stuff, along with weapons and ammo. Humans are throwing a huge party in the camp area, while the zombies approach. There is one look out trying to find zombies. At the end, we continue the party but let the zombies come in the tents for some food and fun 🙂 PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: Recording for this event will not be guarenteed. Our cameras do not have Night Vision (and if they do, we dont know how to put it on) so we cannot record at night. We will take pictures of the party, because we will have lighting in the tents.

So ya everyone, get ready for an action packed Spring Break, because this Spring Break is the best style, Operation Airsoft style.

~Luis a.k.a. Ghost

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Operation Airsoft Going To TAC City?

Just a quick announcement that Operation Airsoft may be going to TAC City for our first recorded game. We just need to have everyone ready for this “Field Trip” and we need to get everyone to read and understand the rules. Also, we need someone to drive us -.- Most of our players do not have their driving licenses or permits yet, so we need some volunteers. We will need to check that all our guns are in the 300-350 FPS area, as TAC City does not allow any guns over 350 FPS (Im sorry for my Jericho), and most of our guns are in the 400 area, as everyone in our team loves power :).

Well, thats it for this time, see you guys later.


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Starting Up The Site

Ok, so this is the official Operation Airsoft site. Well, of course we need to make it first 😛

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