Operation Airsoft Going To TAC City?

Just a quick announcement that Operation Airsoft may be going to TAC City for our first recorded game. We just need to have everyone ready for this “Field Trip” and we need to get everyone to read and understand the rules. Also, we need someone to drive us -.- Most of our players do not have their driving licenses or permits yet, so we need some volunteers. We will need to check that all our guns are in the 300-350 FPS area, as TAC City does not allow any guns over 350 FPS (Im sorry for my Jericho), and most of our guns are in the 400 area, as everyone in our team loves power :).

Well, thats it for this time, see you guys later.



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5 Responses to Operation Airsoft Going To TAC City?

  1. Josephp3 says:

    LOL Feild Trip ******I HATE SCHOOL****** WAAAAAAAAAA (Good thing im not in this) Babiblue can i get ST chat password since the ranks say Leeder = Main Owner

    • well, we still need some people 2 come w/ us, would u like to come? its gnna be an open match cuz we dont wanna make it a private session. also, i will try to find the password, i dont really know it anymore xD ill send it 2 u by mail when i get it 😉

  2. Josephp3 says:

    kk and im not near Sacramento or those other places Im in New York

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