Let Operation Airsoft Make You A Loadout

New to airsoft and want the to know what to buy? We can help. We can make you a loadout, and it’s easier for everyone! Just fill this form question thingy and put your answers in a comment below.

  1. What is your budget (How much are you willing to spend)?
  2. What site do you want your stuff from?
  3. Do you already have a gun (Default is yes, so if you don’t, let us know!)? If so, what type of gun do you have/ If not, what type of gun would you like to get (Default is M4/ M16)?

An easy 3 questions and your on your way 🙂


16 Responses to Let Operation Airsoft Make You A Loadout

  1. ian says:

    i am willing to spend $400 on armor and the gun
    the site doesn’t matter but i want to look like juggernaut. i like heavy armor and a heavy gun

  2. Im looking for a CQB loadout; i prefer AirsoftGi.com.
    I have $500 to use.
    Im a very fast and light type infantry, never seen in the same place twice, and sometimes seen in the most dangerous and creative spots on the field.

  3. vietnam spec ops says:

    im looking for a special ops loadout
    i have a total of $242
    site doesent matter as long as it has free shipping

  4. erik says:

    Hey whats up I’m looking for a good bad ass look preferably a Juggernaut look.
    My preferred website is Evike.
    I currently have a AK74 full metal with 380 fps
    My budget is 220$
    (note) This is the vest I was planning to use: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=28902

    Also could you recommend any scopes for a ak74. I don’t really care about the website on this one.

  5. Baker, William WW2 marine says:

    hi my name is Baker, William Baker, and I airsoft reenact as a WW2 Marine, I need a airsoft loadout that is WW2 Marine Camo. I have the weapon, The Shirt, and The Pants. All I need now is the Web Gear. I have $40.00 so it has to be cheap and has to have free shiping because Im hoping to spend the whole $40.00 on the gear i need. The web gear doesnt have to be camo, I realy need help, and i need it fast i have a game the day after christmas

  6. Baker, William WW2 marine says:

    i frogot to put the site doesnt matter

  7. Noah says:

    i would like to have a loadout for $100 dollars i know its cheap i just want to see what comes up.

    Thanks so much

  8. Max says:

    Can you make me two?
    Both like CQB

    1. 500 or less and 300 or less
    2. Both: I like airsoftgi.com but anywhere is fine
    3. Both: Yes, a SG552 (from ICS)

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